First of all, life changes really quickly and you need to capture the moment. Your kids grow up. People you love die. Have your photos taken, hang them on the wall, and keep that moment forever. Make your house a your kids can look at an image everyday that shows how much you love each other, even on days when you fight. I KNOW it's stressful getting there. You have to pick out might have to buy have to get a haircut maybe you get a zit (gasp). You worry about them not turning out. I know. I've done it. I'll help walk you through it.  You want to send me texts with 8 different clothes combos...I'm totally cool with that. I'll help you pick out the perfect spot..or maybe you know a spot. I'll make it fun. And I'll give you something worth putting on the wall. 
Nothing is better than an image you LOVE everything about. That you are proud to put up on your wall and have forever.  

You're nervous everyone won't behave and embarrass you? Nope. I would be SHOCKED if it went perfectly. I used to do daycare. Kids aren't anything new. It won't shock me. Trust me. I have 4 boys and a handsome husband of 21 years. Nothing your kids throw at me will scare me.
You don't need to apologize for anything. I'm a very chill kinda person. Or maybe you're getting married and life is REALLY insane. I can help with that too. I love capturing the emotion of the moment. You'll be comfy with me I swear.  I'm old, so I really love getting that perfect posed photo...but my style is more about the emotion of the expect to snuggle in and get the laughs and the the fun as well. Ask me about seeing a whole wedding...because anyone can get one great image at a wedding.

  My prices might be a bit higher than the average bear...but look at my photos and realize everyone is zit free...and your moment is your moment...I take out extras in the background and perfect every image. I don't just batch edit and send them to you the next day. I WILL spend the time and make them beautiful.

Second about me. I live on Diet Coke and Coffee. I love anything creative and trying out new things. I love traveling and reading. I make quilts, crochet (hate knitting), I cook AND I bake. I'm weird. I swear like a sailor (I do have a filter.) and I love ALL people. I love photographing weddings and families the most.  So hit me up and let's get together and hang out and I'll get you those amazing photos that you can love forever.